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The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE in Boston and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg released their first solar panel durability report and placed the SunPower E20 model first in their PV Durability Initiative (PVDI).â??The potential for PV modules to fail in advance of their intended service life is

SOLARS - Is Anything Stopping a Truly Massive Build-Out of Desert Solar Power?: Scientific American

Engineers and industry agree that although challenges abound in utility-scale solar in the sunniest places on Earth, we have the technology to go big in the desert

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SOLARS - Ultra-Thin Solar Cells 1000 Times More Powerful Than Conventional PV Per Pound

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SOLARS - SunnyBot tracks the sun to light and heat your home

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SUNDIAL - Compute Local Apparent Sidereal Time

Compute Local Apparent Sidereal Time

Sidereal time is the hour angle of the vernal equinox, the ascending node of the ecliptic on the celestial equator. The daily motion of this point provides a measure of the rotation of the Earth with respect to the stars, rather than the Sun. Local mean sidereal time is computed from the current Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time plus an input offset in longitude (converted to a sidereal offset by the ratio 1.00273790935 of the mean solar day to the mean sidereal day.) Applying the equation of equinoxes, or nutation of the mean pole of the Earth from mean to true position, yields local apparent sidereal time. Astronomers use local sidereal time because it corresponds to the coordinate right ascension of a celestial body that is presently on the local meridian.


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2 FREE Sundial Lesson Plans are available in .pdf format. They are not on our website yet, so please call Dave (262-365-3610) with your email address and he will email them to you.


History of Sundials
Sundials have come a long way since they were first invented. Once just a stick in the sand or marks on a wooden shoe, sundials have turned into beautiful timepieces that can be passed down through generations. Multiple societies simultaneously had sundials such as Egyptian obelisks and Babylonian shadow clocks, but the modern sundial was perfected by the Romans. The Renaissance saw an increase in sundial production, and the sundial became a cornerstone of time-telling society. Currently, the sundial is used more for beauty than telling time. The largest sundial, the Tapei 101, is located in Taiwan and is actually a skyscraper that tells time by casting a shadow on its adjoining park.

The sundial is the oldest known device for the measurement of time and the most ancient of scientific instruments. It is based on the fact that the shadow of an object will move from one side of the object to the other as the sun “moves” from east to west during the day. 

5000-3500 BC 

The first device for indicating the time of day was probably the gnomon. It consisted of a vertical stick or pillar; the length of the shadow it cast gave an indication of the time of day. 

3500 BC 

Sumer becomes the world’s first civilization. (Sumer is an ancient region of southern Mesopotamia – which is now southeastern Iraq.) 

2500-2000 BC 

Babylonians and Egyptians build obelisks (slender, tapering four-sided monuments). Their moving shadows formed a kind of sundial, enabling citizens to divide the day into two parts by indicating noon. They also showed the year’s longest and shortest days when the shadow at noon was the longest or shortest of the year. Later, marks around the base of the monument would show further time divisions. 

800 BC 

More precise sundials are built in Egypt. The earliest known sundial still preserved is an Egyptian shadow clock of green schist dating from at least this period. It consists of a straight base with a raised crosspiece at one end. The base, on which is inscribed a scale of six time divisions, is placed in an east-west direction with the crosspiece at the east end in the morning and the west end in the afternoon. The shadow of the crosspiece on the base indicates the time. 

300 BC 

The earliest description of a sundial comes from Berossus, a Babylonian priest and author. His sundial is a cubical block into which a half-sphere is cut. A small bead is fixed at the center. During the day the shadow of the bead moves in a circular arc, divided into twelve equal parts. Because the length of the day varies with the season, these hours likewise vary in length from season to season and are thus known as “temporary hours.” (“Equal hours” were decided upon about 1300 AD, when mechanical clocks were invented.) 

290 BC 

The first sundial is set up in Rome. It has been captured from the Samnites. 

250 BC 

The Greeks develop and construct complex sundials using their knowledge of geometry: 
- Apollonius of Perga develops the hemicyclium by using a surface of conic section upon which the hour lines are inscribed; thus providing greater accuracy. 
- Ptolemy uses the analemma, a device that enables shadows to be projected geometrically onto flat surfaces inclined at various angles to the horizontal. 

164 BC 

The first sundial is constructed for the city of Rome designed by architect and engineer Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. He mentions many types of sundials, some of which are portable, in his great work De architectura. 

100 BC 

The Tower of the Winds is constructed in Athens. It is octagonal in shape and contains eight sundials. Sundials facing various cardinal compass points were in use at least since then. 

Birth of Christ 

100 AD 

It is discovered that the shadow cast by a slanting object is a more accurate timekeeper than a shadow cast by a vertical object. If the shadow-casting object is parallel to the earth’s axis, the direction of its shadow at any given hour of the day is constant regardless of the season of the year. 

150 AD 

The Greeks introduce trigonometry into mathematics, thus supplying the tool for plotting hour lines with simple arithmetic calculations instead of the more cumbersome geometric constructions. This method will be exploited by the Arabs and later by European sundial makers. 

1200 AD 

Ab û al-Hasan writes on the construction of hour lines on cylindrical, conical, and other surfaces and is credited with introducing equal hours, at least for astronomical purposes. 

1300 AD 

The first all-mechanical clock is made. It is a large iron-framed structure, driven by weights. The function of the first European clocks was not to indicate the time on a dial, but to drive dials that give astronomical indications, and to sound the hour. They are located in monasteries and public bell towers. The earliest surviving example, constructed in 1386, is in Salisbury Cathedral, England. Mechanical clocks utilize equal hours. 

1500-1800 AD 

The great age of the European sundial. Sundials with equal hours gradually come into use. 

1635 AD 

Galileo designs a clock using a pendulum as the timekeeping element. 

1656 AD 

The first pendulum clock model is completed by Christian Huygens in Holland. The use of the pendulum improves the timekeeping of clocks so much that all new clocks incorporate it. 

1777 AD 

French general Lafayette wants to express his respect and admiration for his ally and friend General George Washington during the American revolution. He chooses as his gift a silver Explorer sundial. 

1700’s AD 

Clocks and watches begin to replace sundials. They have the advantage of not requiring sunny skies. They are, however, often unreliable and depend upon sundials to set the true time. 

Early 1800’s AD 

Mechanical clocks become accurate enough and inexpensive enough to displace sundials as the timepiece of choice. 

Because of the earth’s rotation, a town 20 or 30 miles east or west has it’s clock set slightly differently. Your noon arrived somewhat before that of your western neighbor but sometime after that of your eastern neighbor. This made little difference because a resident might never travel to either of his neighboring towns. 

1884 AD 

Railroads are the preferred method of travel. Railroads demand schedules and schedules require “true” time. Along a 100 mile stretch of tracks there might be 6 towns with 6 different town clocks all different from the others. Passengers need to know when the train will arrive and depart and railroaders need to know when to send the next train in order to avoid accidents. 

A conference is held and an agreement reached to divide the United States of America into four time zones, each 15 degrees wide – Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific, and all stations in a time zone would carry the same time. In fact, train time which is rigorously held to by the railroads becomes the time that cities and citizens set their clocks by. The train whistle becomes the signal for setting clocks. 

1979 AD 

The founder of Accurate Sundials, LLC starts designing, building and testing many types of accurate sundials. He designs a computer program for each major type of sundial to make the 174 calculations which go into each custom design. 


The knowledge gained by Accurate Sundials, LLC in 24 years of research, along with expert support in computer aided design and machine shop technology, results in the attractive offering of elegant and accurate solid brass, copper and aluminum sundials you will find in it’s catalog. They also offer build-it-yourself site-specific layouts and directions for educational experience and project enjoyment. 


Check back often to see new and exciting accurate sundials added to the offering of Accurate Sundials, LLC.

Please call us at (262) 365-3610 for more information.


Sundial Bases
Sundials look and work best when placed on a pedestal. Sundial Bases will bring attention to your sundial and accent your garden. The majority of sundial bases and pedestals are manufacturer specific, so if you are unsure of whether or not your sundial and base match, we'll be more than happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to call our Customer Service toll free number - (800) 967-7654.

Sundial Info

There are many ways to permanently mount your sundial. The method you employ can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Some require only a little shopping. Some will require a little “elbow grease.” Another may require engaging a mason for a small job. Choosing the “right” option for you will greatly enhance the appearance of your grounds and showcase your sundial. 

Almost all of the materials and tools for these pedestal options are available at your local Home Depot. 

1. Ready-Made Pedestals 

Most garden stores have a large inventory of pedestals. Their sundials don’t display accurate time but their pedestal selection is great! With a little ingenuity and some pliable adhesive available at any hardware store, they can be easily adapted for use as a sundial pedestal. Make sure your dial is level and properly oriented to true north. 

2. Wild Birds Unlimited Off-the-Shelf or Custom-Made 

Wild Birds Unlimited (300 stores nationwide) has a wide variety of wrought iron structures, which are suitable for affixing your sundial to. The WBU storeowner nearest our headquarters assured us that he could have structures custom made to suit this purpose. 

3. Directly on Deck or Deck Railing 

Cut a 2" X 10" (or 2" X 12") pressure treated board to fit your dial and screw the board to your deck or deck railing. Get it as level as you can. You may have to use wooden shims to accomplish this. Screw (or glue) your dial plate to your board, perfecting the leveling process with the use of wooden shims, if necessary, and make sure it is properly oriented to true north. 

4. 4 X 4 “Mailbox” Post 

Obtain a cedar, pine or pressure treated 4” X 4”. Cut to desired length. Dig a 2 ½’ deep hole with a posthole digger. Pour in about 6” of gravel. Place the cut end of the 4 X 4 into the hole and fill to ground level with cement. Make sure the 4 X 4 is level (straight vertical). A post level (available at HD for about $3.00) will prove to be useful for this purpose. 

Cut a 2" X 10" (or 2" X 12") pressure treated board to fit your dial and screw the board to the “factory end” of the 4 X 4. Get it as level as you can. You may have to use wooden shims to accomplish this. Screw (or glue) your dial plate to your board, perfecting the leveling process with the use of wooden shims, if necessary, and make sure it is properly oriented to true north. 

5. Stair “Starting” or “Landing” Newel 

Obtain a cedar, oak or pressure treated newel. They are more ornate than a 4 X 4 and are available in 48” and 54” lengths. Some newels have a “ball” on their tops that must be cut off to provide a level mounting surface. Complete dial mounting the same as in 4 X 4 “Mailbox” Post above. 

6. 3” Aluminum Lamp Post 

These are available (at HD) in many different finishes, i.e. bronze, brass, white and black. Cut lamp post to desired length and follow mounting instructions included with lamp post, installing it as level (straight vertical) as you can. It can be mounted on a deck by using the cast aluminum pier base or in the ground. 

Cut a 2" X 10" (or 2" X 12") pressure treated board to fit your dial and screw a cast aluminum pier base to it’s under side. Place the pier base (with dial board affixed) on the lamp post. Make sure it fits on snuggly. You may have to use some tape around the lamp post to accomplish this. Screw (or glue) your dial plate to your board, perfecting the leveling process with the use of wooden shims, if necessary, and making sure it is properly oriented to true north. 

7. Brick Structure 

This option is a little more expensive but can provide a striking addition to your grounds and a special showcase for your sundial. Engage a mason to build a brick pedestal with a cement top. Your sundial can be embedded directly into the cement, making sure that it is level and properly oriented to true north. 

8. Cement Bed 

This is a great option for a terraced or tiered garden or grounds. Dig out 6” of earth (more for extremely soft soil) to form a square hole a little larger than your sundial. Place plywood “forms” along the sides of the hole, extending from the bottom of the hole to 3” above ground. Fill the hole with gravel leaving about 2” for the cement bed. Fill the hole with cement to the desired height and imbed your sundial into the cement, making sure that it is level and properly oriented to true north. When the cement is thoroughly dried, remove the forms and fill in with earth. 

With some careful cutting and shaping of plywood forms, you could build a cement bed for your sundial directly on a large landscaping rock! 

9. Tree “Stump” 

Large, older trees are being taken down from parks and home landscapes regularly. Call a tree service and ask them to cut a piece out of a tree they are cutting down which is large enough in diameter to suit your taste and the exact height you desire. 

The section of tree could be cut at an angle to accommodate a slope in your yard at your chosen sundial location. A little shimming may be required to make sure the top is level but you wind up with a stunning pedestal. Place this section of tree upright in your yard and affix your sundial to it.
You can call us at (262)365-3610 for more information.

SUNDIAL - Sun Time vs Clock Time

The sun will appear at times to be faster and slower 

than our watches read, again because sun time and

clock time are not the same. The sun appears "fast" 

from mid-April through mid-June, and early 

September through late December. When the sun 

appears "fast" it will reach sun-noon (be directly 

overhead) not at 12:00:00 by your watch, but a few 

minutes earlier. When you are setting up your 

horizontal sundial, you want to know the time the sun 

is directly overhead. There are certainly more 

advanced methods of determining True North, and 

setting sundials for accuracy, but our horizontal 

garden sundials can be set using the methods above. 

You will enjoy watching how the shadows on your 

sundial change through the seasons and how sun time 

really works.


There are two different types of garden sundials. Horizontal Garden Sundials which lay flat on the ground or can be placed on a pedestal and Armillary sundials that are a bit more detailed in design and have a larger Gnomon.
  • Horizontal sundials have many diffent designs and styles of gnomons.
  • You can place a horizontal garden sundial either in flower beds or on pedestals near the garden or walkway, depending on where the best sun and shadow combo are.
  • Although the time of horizontal sundials isn't quite as accurate as Armillary sundials, they are much easier to position and are very easily moved.
  • Horizontal garden sundials only need to be angled if they were designed for a latitude other than where they are being used.
  • The Armillary sundial takes a little more work on proper placement to see the most accurate time.
  • The Armillary sundial operates basically the same way as the horizontal sundial does.
  • Armillary sundials keep track of time more accurately than a standard garden sundial.
  • Most Armillary sundials have a fixed gnomon aligned with the Earth's rotational axis, as well as a shadow-receiving surface symmetrical to the axis.
  • Armillary Sundials

    Sundials come in many different designs with the same basic theory. When positioned correctly, the sun casts a shadow on the gnomon marking the Roman Numerals or lines on the sundial giving you the time. Sundials come in either the traditionally round shape or as an armillary sundial, which appears more like a globe with an axis running through.
    While horizontal sundials certainly make a statement in your garden, nothing takes your breath away quite like an Armillary Sundial. While an arrow serves as the gnomon and numbers are placed on a curved band, it gives you the time just like a horizontal sundial. Armillaries have some of the same features as horizontal sundials. You can place these sundials on a flat surface or on a pedestal base for added height and elegance, and Armillary Sundials are designed to be used with cast column pedestal bases.
    Sundials are offered with inscriptions, like Robert Browning's quote, "Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be," or Thoreau's motto, "Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads," and some sundials have features that indicate seasons, sunrise and sunset time, astrological signs and directions on a compass. Because of the immense range, there is a design for everyone.
    Cast Iron SundialsCast Iron Sundials

    Popular Sundial Finishes

    Because sundials are made of durable materials, they are meant to last as sculptures outdoors. There is also a certain uniqueness to a sundial because of its materials, particularly when the sun hits the sundial's finish, whether it be brass, aluminum or cast iron.
    Brass Sundials are shiny and require little to no maintenance. These sundials are finished with polished brass highlights over a dark patina color. They will age gracefully and naturally over time to a full patina or greenish color. Brass Sundials are also naturally non-rusting. If you want to keep the bright finish, use brass polish when needed.
    Although Aluminum Sundials are often dismissed for their light-weight nature, they prove to be a good choice for their simplicity, affordability, and ability not to rust. With gorgeous colors, they're sure to please.
    If looking for an alternative to pricier models, go with Cast Iron Sundials. The beauty of a Cast Iron Sundial is that they begin to take on an antique rust appearance if displayed outdoors. Lately, the rust appearance has become very popular in gardens and gives the sundial a natural, uncultivated look.

SUNDIAL - Positioning

Garden sundials are used as a clock that works via sun time, not clock time. Mathmeticians and historians love the concept of sundials and sun time. Positioning a Garden Sundial to read the time of day as accurately as possible requires some research and study. To make it easier for our customers, we've done all the research.

The Direction of True North

Horizontal Garden SundialHorizontal Garden Sundial
Sundials need to point in the direction of True North, and the style (either a sharp straight edge or thin rod, often located at the edge or tip of the gnomon) must be aligned with the Earth's rotational axis. The direction of True North is not the same as the north magnetic pole, but instead is marked by the north celestial pole.
  • True North is found at latitude 90N, and is the direction along Earth's surface towards the North Pole.
  • A compass will work for small garden sundials, but is not very accurate. A compass only helps to locate the magnetic north, but this will serve the typical garden sundial perfectly well.
  • Garden sundials are designed for function, but many owners are happy just to have a sundial that is close enough to being accurate.
  • You can also position a true vertical object at exactly local noon and mark the shadow. You will want to find a reliable method of marking the shadow at the instant of local noon.
  • You can also position your sundial so that there is no shadow shown at high noon. The shadow should appear to the left in the morning, and to the right in the afternoon.

The Angle of the Gnomon

Horizontal Garden SundialArmillary Sundial
Garden and Armillary Sundials are often bought as gifts, and when traveling. Bringing home a sundial that was produced outside of your area of longitude will require that you check the angle of the gnomon. The gnomon is a bar or stretched wire parallel to the celestial axis, and the face is a semi-circle. A sundial made for the south of Spain will have an angle of 37 and will not tell the correct time if it is set up with the horizontal dial plate in Birmingham, Alabama where latitude is 52.5N. You should check the angle of your gnomon regardless of where it was purchased and is set up, just to be certain your sundial is ready to tell sun-time.
  • A common method for checking the angle of the gnomon is to measure the angle with a protractor, and then crosscheck your measurement to ensure that the hour lines have been laid out correctly.
  • You can back-calculate the gnomon angle from the angles of the hour lines.
  • For example, the angle of the 9am and 3pm hour lines from the noon line is 2624 at 30N, 2950 at 35N, 3244 at 40N, 3516 at 45N, 3727 at 50N, and 3920 at 55N.
  • Additional information can be found through research for more complicated sundials and gnomons.
  • If your gnomon is indeed angled incorrectly for your geographical location, you can use a wedge to bring the gnomon parallel to the earth's axis.
  • Armillary sundials are equiangular with straight hour lines that are equally spaced apart.
  • To correct for longitude with an armillary sundial, rotate the dial surface by the difference in longitude without changing the gnomon.
The research above should be able to set up a garden sundial as accurately as possible. Enjoying the beauty and function of your sundial will be a different kind of experience after learning about sun time vs. clock time, the direction of true north, and how to angle your gnomon correctly.