SOLARS - 2013 Stanford Solar Car Project “Luminos” Unveiling

Since 1989, the Stanford Solar Car Project has been empowering students with hands on experience with building solar-powered cars. The solar-powered cars

SOLARS - 30-Year-Old Concentrating Solar Power Plant Looking To Upgrade Add Storage

This article first appeared on RenewEconomy (image added).[caption id=

SOLARS - Apple plans solar farm for Reno datacenter

Apple Inc. plans to build its third solar farm in partnership with the Nevada utility company NV Energy.

SOLARS - Fraunhofer PV Durability Tests Put SunPower First

The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE in Boston and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg released their first solar panel durability report and placed the SunPower E20 model first in their PV Durability Initiative (PVDI).Ć¢??The potential for PV modules to fail in advance of their intended service life is

SOLARS - Is Anything Stopping a Truly Massive Build-Out of Desert Solar Power?: Scientific American

Engineers and industry agree that although challenges abound in utility-scale solar in the sunniest places on Earth, we have the technology to go big in the desert

SOLARS - Size Matters For Californian Solar Projects

This article first appeared on RenewEconomyIn California in solar installations, it is the sheer scale of the projects that takes the breath away.In Australia, to the countryĆ¢??s great embarrassment, there is just a single utility scale solar PV project, of just 10 MW. That was built by First Solar and completed last year.At the AVSR1

SOLARS - Solar Wind News Roundup (Most Efficient Solar Panels, Surprising Solar Owner Facts, SolarCity Calls Out Xcel Energy…)

We do our best to keep you addicted to solar and wind energy news. It's important. We think. To keep you reading good cleantech news and commentary until our next run of stories, check out the links below:[caption id=